We are a non-profit organization dedicated to establishing a community-based cultural initiative through effective and sustainable programming that focus on the realms of education, culture and art.


our history


We offer programs for children as young as 5 and young adults. Please click below to see how to enroll your son or daughter.

Cuzcatlan supports communities in need both locally and abroad. From Hurricane Sandy and the Elizabeth Coalition for the Homeless to natural disasters in El Salvador, Cuzcatlan is always ready to provide assistance by organizing volunteers and connecting resources to those in need.

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

Thirteen years ago when I first joined the Board, we had one annual fundraiser that sustained the organization. Today, we coordinate a festival for 3,000 members of our community to enjoy and learn of Salvadoran music, dance and food. We also have the only Salvadoran folkloric dance group in the tri-state area that represents us in universities and at local festivals. Additionally, we support causes in El Salvador such as access to healthcare, education for students with disabilities and services for families of children with autism.


Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!


Ms. Mayra Dominguez

Mission + Vision

May 1998 – Pedro Rodriguez founded the organization to teach the youth in New Jersey the customs and traditional dances of El Salvador .


September 2005 – The dance company expands and acquires repertoire directly from the National Folkloric Dance Company of El Salvador in part to the travels and dedication of its Artistic Director, Adrienne Dominguez. 


August 2011– We host the first Salvadoran festival in Hudson County, the Festival de la Pupusa de NJ.